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Hibbard Inshore- Underwater Inspection, Construction and Consulting

Hibbard Inshore is a global engineering services company specializing in the use of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) for underwater inspection and construction support services.

Remotely Operated Vehicles

Hibbard Inshore's diverse fleet of ROVs include swimming vehicles for fully flooded areas, crawling vehicles for dewatered or mostly dewatered situations and floating vehicles for assessment both above and below the water.

With more than 27 years of experience, Hibbard Inshore services the following energy generation facilities:

  • Hydro-Electric
  • Nuclear
  • Fossil Fuel
  • Wind

With each project, Hibbard Inshore works with the customer to find unique solutions to meet their needs. Along with our highly experienced staff, we have a variety of vehicles and sensors to fit any level and physical length of project. Hibbard Inshore's objective is always to deliver more useful data at a lower cost.

Video and Sonar Structure Inspection

Managing and maintaining the condition of critical structures and assets for functionality, lifespan assessment and regulatory compliance are common challenges for facilities. From short, visual-only inspections to long-range projects requiring advanced sensing in low or zero visibility, Hibbard Inshore provides quantifiable data to assist its customers in assessing the conditions of their infrastructure.

3D sonar point cloud data taken by the Hibbard Inshore swimming ROV at a tunnel  bifurcation

Dredging and Debris Removal in Front of Intakes

If intakes are blocked, facilities are not able to generate at full capacity. Removal of this debris can often be time consuming and dangerous for dive crews especially if the intakes are in deep water or flow is present. Hibbard Inshore helps owners address this issue by using its fleet of ROVs to perform debris removal and dredging in front of generating units.

Additionally, this work can be performed in low or zero visibility conditions. The ROV can direct the underwater removal process and measure the progress. Additionally, this ROV solution has unlimited bottom time helping complete the job quickly and efficiently.


Deep Water Bulkheading

One challenge facing dam owners is the replacement or refurbishment of internal gates and valves. This equipment is under great pressure and often difficult to access. In the past, the only options to replace this equipment were to dewater the dam or risk working on live pipes under pressure. Because of outage times, dewatering can be lengthy and costly. In addition, placing stress on the structure when the hydrostatic pressure is removed could cause collapse and performing these repairs while the equipment is under pressure can be highly dangerous to the workers involved.

For these reasons, Hibbard Inshore has worked with its customers by using the ROV insertion of temporary bulkhead plugs. These plugs are built for the specific dimensions of the pressure piping, have multiple seals, can be inserted into the upstream underwater side of the piping, can be monitored continuously and can be removed at the conclusion of the project. This unique solution saves the customer time and money and does not put people in harm's way.


Long Tunnel Inspection

One challenge that many facilities face is the need to conduct a condition assessment on long tunnels. Because it is often impractical or costly to dewater the facility to inspect these tunnels, the difficulty is conducting a thorough inspection while minimizing outage times.

Whether the challenge is the tunnel length, access issues, limited outage time, water depth, visibility, or the presence of flow, Hibbard Inshore is able to address these situations with a comprehensive fleet of underwater vehicles and sensors. Each vehicle is selected specifically to fit project circumstances, and Hibbard Inshore's vehicles are capable of providing real time video and inspection sensor data at ranges exceeding 20 km.
We look forward to working with new customers with challenges they face regarding the inspection and maintenance of their underwater assets.

Hibbard Inshore hybrid AUV / ROV for inspection and intervention in extremely long tunnels with distances up to 20km+


Hibbard Inshore
2285 N. Opdyke Road
Suite A
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
United States of America
Tel: +1 248 745 8456 x 13
Fax: +1 248 745 4958
Email: dave.malak@hibbardinshore.com
Email: info@hibbardinshore.com
URL: www.hibbardinshore.com