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KEPCO plans to acquire Toshiba’s stake in UK nuclear joint venture
By EBR Staff Writer
Korea Electric Power (KEPCO) is reportedly planning to acquire Toshiba’s interest in the UK nuclear joint venture (JV) project, NuGen.
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Areva agreement with JNFL and MHI enter into force
Following the firm offers received on 15 December 2016 and the announcement made on 3 February 2017, the investment protocol and shareholders' agreement relating to NewCo have been signed by Areva, JNFL and MHI.
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GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy form nuclear decommissioning alliance with Bechtel
GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) and Bechtel announced the formation of an alliance to offer decommissioning and dismantlement services for nuclear power plants in Germany and Sweden.
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Deep energy transformation needed by 2050 to limit increasing global temperature, says IEA
Limiting the rise in global mean temperature to well below 2°C would require an energy transition of exceptional scope, depth and speed, according to an analysis by the International Energy Agency (IEA), including a doubling of annual average energy-related investments from current levels.
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European Commission approves Belgium’s support for nuclear power reactors
By EBR Staff Writer
The European Commission (EC) has confirmed that the Belgium government’s support to long-term operation of three nuclear power reactors is in line with EU state aid rules.
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X-energy begins conceptual design phase for Xe-100 advanced reactor
X Energy has commenced the conceptual design phase for its Xe-100 high temperature gas-cooled (HTGR) pebble bed modular reactor.
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Amec Foster secures contract for EDF’s UK nuclear plants
By EBR Staff Writer
Amec Foster Wheeler has been awarded a new contract worth £125m to deliver long-term support to EDF Energy in running its nuclear power plants in the UK.
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GEH, ARC Nuclear partner to develop advanced small modular reactor
By EBR Staff Writer
GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) has collaborated with Advanced Reactor Concepts (ARC Nuclear) to develop an advanced small modular reactor (aSMR).
Power Generation > Nuclear > News
James Fisher Nuclear's New inspection tool provides vital information for EDF-Energy
James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) is celebrating another substantial contract, with the award of a commission from electricity generator EDF-Energy to produce inspection tools that will use innovative eddy current technology to assess the condition of the graphite cores across their fleet of nuclear reactors to a level that has not previously been possible.
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Top nuclear power pros and cons
Nuclear power is regarded as one of the prominent sources of energy with a huge potential. As nuclear power plants emit low greenhouse gas emissions, the energy is seen as environmentally friendly. Using a nuclear fission reaction, the power plants produce high amount of electricity with uranium as fuel. Although nuclear energy offers various advantages, concerns have been raised over the disposal of radioactive waste and harmful radiations from the nuclear plants.
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Siemens develops 3D-printed component for Krško nuclear power plant in Slovenia
By EBR Staff Writer
Siemens has designed, manufactured and commissioned a 3D-printed part in a Krško nuclear power plant in Slovenia.
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Russwurm Ventilatoren (ruwu®) ― Industrial Fans and Portable Fans
RUSSWURM VENTILATOREN GMBH is a successful German developer and audited manufacturer providing special constructions of small mobile and large industrial fans with the advantages of an SME. Flexible, efficient, powerful.
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EU clears Hungary's financial support for planned €12.5bn Paks II nuclear project
By EBR Staff Writer
The European Commission (EC) has approved Hungary's investment in the construction of two new nuclear reactors, each with 1200MW capacity, in the country with support from Russian firm Rosatom.
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US NRC to conduct special inspection at Cooper nuclear station
The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) will conduct a special inspection at the Cooper Nuclear Station to review operator errors that affected a safety-related heat removal system.
Power Generation > Nuclear > News
Intergraph® SmartPlant® Foundation and Whessoe Engineering Limited Enhances Engineering Document Management
Intergraph and leading engineering company Whessoe, improves efficiency and integrity of engineering data with state-of-the-art information management technology.
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EBR Supplier Recommendations

Russwurm Ventilatoren (ruwu®) ― Industrial Fans and Portable Fans
RUSSWURM VENTILATOREN GMBH is a successful German developer and audited manufacturer providing special constructions of small mobile and large industrial fans with the advantages of an SME. Flexible, efficient, powerful.... Power Generation > Nuclear > Suppliers
L3 MAPPS - High Fidelity Power Plant Simulators
When you are looking for increased reliability in your power plant's performance, you can count on L3 MAPPS' simulation experience to get you there. Our dedication to true-to-life power plant simulators ensures that your personnel have the knowledge required to safely and efficiently operate your power plant.... Power Generation > Nuclear > Suppliers
Intergraph® Process, Power & Marine - Enterprise Engineering Software
Soon to be known as Hexagon Process, Power & Marine, Intergraph® Process, Power & Marine is the leading global provider of engineering software for the design, construction and operation of plants, ships and offshore facilities.... Power Generation > Nuclear > Suppliers
INTERTEC- Protecting Field-Based Equipment in Harsh Conditions for 50 Years
INTERTEC offers a versatile range of solutions designed to protect field instrumentation in chemical and petrochemical plants, as well as other industries. Sensitive and valuable measuring and control instruments are reliably protected against freezing, excessive heat, corrosion and condensation.... Power Generation > Nuclear > Suppliers
TENEX - Major Supplier in Nuclear Industry
Joint Stock Company TENEX (TENEX) is a foreign-trade company of Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom and one of the world's major suppliers of nuclear fuel cycle (NFC) products, which has for 40 years provided a significant share of the uranium enrichment services required for western-type nuclear reactors.... Power Generation > Nuclear > Suppliers
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Intertec: Passively-Cooled Shelters for Remote Equipment in Hot and Arid Climates By Intertec
The reliability of electronics equipment is dramatically shortened if it operates in very hot conditions, which is why much electronic equipment incorporates fan cooling. Equipment builders designing for arid climates have always faced considerable environmental protection problems. Traditional cooling techniques require a power supply, which often poses severe difficulties. The problem is growing bigger as the topology of SCADA evolves towards more distributed and unmanned systems, and new solutions are being sought. Although solar cells and DC powered air conditioning techniques are making progress, their relative lack of efficiency, together with the problems of battery lifecycles in hot climates, continues to make environmental protection complicated and expensive.... Power Generation > Nuclear > White Papers Intergraph's Interoperability Summary: Leveraging 3D Designs & Data By Intergraph
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As global energy demands increase, the oil and gas industry is under pressure to keep up. This is a trend that is expected to continue - analysts forecast that nearly US$40 trillion in capital investment will be directed into energy projects over the next 20 years to meet consumer demand.... Power Generation > Nuclear > White Papers Intergraph Smart™ Yard: Integrated design and production planning for Smart Modular Assemblies and Smart Production By Intergraph
Learn how integrated design and production planning can improve efficiency and lower costs with Smart modular assemblies and Smart Production.... Power Generation > Nuclear > White Papers Discover how TENEX Is the Leader in Uranium Enrichment Services By TENEX
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1-15 of 3772 results